Data Scientist and Business Innovation Specialist particularly skilled in full open source analytical architectures for data-driven tasks, business intelligence, decision support systems and data warehousing. Full expertise in a wide range of business applications, including both stochastic and predictive models, ETL data flows and KPI design and analysis, in web analytics, industries, telco and retails contexts.

Last year main activities included the design and governance of ROI models and customer profiling models and web usage datawarehousing for Seat Pagine Gialle internet local content provider. Other duties included project management of web analytics, GIS, business intelligence and general data-oriented R&D project management.

Research fields include gamification of online enterprise processes, recommendation systems for search engine applications, mobile user behaviour profiling based upon sensors and metering networks and Big Data analytical platforms.


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  • Project ManagementStrong experience as team leader and project manager of Business Intelligence, Open Innovation and R&D projects approaching the Agile methodology. Proven attitude to lead more than one project at once.
  • Data GovernanceExperience in following full business intelligence data flows, including the make-up of data cleaning, data federation and data distribution internal standards.
  • Business IntelligenceVery long experience in functional analysis and development of BI decision support systems in a wide range of enterprise application including telco, marketing, sales, finance, web media. Duties include analytical interpretation of business needs, design and implementation of ETL processes, design of report services, scorecard, what-if scenarios, transaction and database design.
  • Web AnalyticsProven experience in web analytics, especially focusing on search engine analytics, web and mobile usage behavioural pattern using both a custom-made platform, Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalyst
  • Data WarehousingExperience include dimensional modeling of first and higher order datawarehouse, OLAP and MOLAP cubes design and analysis, in both relational (Oracle) and non-relational (Hadoop) DBMS
  • Data AnalysisProven experience in data science and data analysis in context like web usage analytics, A/B Testing with a wide range of platforms (SAS, R, Weka, MathLab
  • StatisticsFull proficency in most common descriptive and inferential statistical techniques used in data science and in decision support systems
  • Customer InsightExpertise in predictive models for the customer base. Outputs ranges from the analysis of ROI, churn-rate, loyalty, brand strength, customer sentiment
  • Social Network AnalysisTeam leading a project aimed to find the role of web users for market basket analysis, A/B Test and NBA
  • Machine LearningFull proficency to modern data mining and machine learning techniques, including neural network analysis
  • Gamification10+ years experience in game design and tabletop games market placement. Duties also included a research activities on gamification techniques for web and mobile platforms, especially focused on user-generated content. Research also include intranet applications for collaborative document flows handling.
  • Big DataProven experience on projects involving NoSQL/Big Data paradigm on Hadoop/Cloudera platform, including the functional design of analytical layers using Impala and Mahout and the data federation layer using Pig


Seat Pagine Gialle

Business Data Scientist & Innovation Specialist

Strongly oriented in data analysis and data-driven activities, while being involved in many data-driven and Business Innovation Projects. Duties include governance, management and design of proprietary web analytics platform, scorecard, forecast, ROI and predictive models, as product design for Pagine Gialle and TuttoCittà brands.


9th Circle Games

Lead Game Designer

Lead game designer, including product management, digital planning, advertisment and placing.



Business Intelligence Analyst

Analysis, design and development process for major clients in the financial, communication and industrial sector.
Analysis and development process for ETL, OLAP, Reporting and -Web analysis with both SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform and Open Source Solutions.


  • SASSkilled developer in the whole set of SAS languages: Base, Macro, ODS, SCL. Full knowledge of the metadata structure of SAS Enterprise Suite.
  • RExpert in R language, with experience in RMarkup language for reports generation.
  • SQL10+ years experience in SQL, especially Oracle dialects
  • JavaExpert java developer
  • Ansi C3+ years experience in Ansi C programming, especially on *nix environments
  • PHPSkilled PHP developer with a modern OOP approach, full knowledge of WordPress CMS


Univesrità degli Studi delsannio

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Dissertation on computer virology titled “Analyzing and experimenting on mechanics used in computer virology: well-know techniques and incoming trends”

Corrado Aaron Visaggio Università degli Studi del Sannio
Gabriele supported me in a research work at the university and I appreciated a lot his capability to accomplish goals and his high technical skills.

Computing for Data Analysis (October 2012 – November 2012)
Data Analysis (January 2013 – March 2013)

Social Network Analysis (September 2012 – November 2012)

Advanced Project Management (October 2012)
Effective Communication (October 2012)


  • Italian (mother tongue)
  • English (full professional proficiency)


I’m a passionate lifelong learner, constantly improving my skills as engineer, data scientist and individual at first glance. I’ve always been strongly involved in MOOC programs. I not only choose courses related to my research and professional fields, but even on new innovative subjects. This way, I can use new competences in existing projects, involving lateral thinking and problem solving in my business innovation tasks.


That is, I’m really motivated into problem solving, especially in tasks which involves the use of large masses of data of high complexity, statistics, machine learning, network analysis. I always use to pair my strong technical and programming skills (in both general purpose and data oriented languages) with a big dose of creativity coming from my graphic designer past experiences and game design duties at 9th Circle Games. I was involved and so very confident in Open Innovation initiatives and, as a personal attitude, I’m a strong supporter of open source software, especially open analytics applications, which I discuss on my professional blog and I use in many of my research duties. But I’m not passionate about platform, algorithms or technologies themselves: I prefer to concentrate on business needs and opportunities.


As a project manager, I consider myself a highly motivating team leader. I strongly discourage repetitive tasks, abuse of emails and ticket systems, as traditional reporting. I embraced the Agile manifesto for all my projects and I’m supportive and open-minded to innovative ideas, solutions and standards.


My personal interests vary from photography, cooking, history of music and the internet of things.


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